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Do you guys remember way back in the day when we partnered up with the Man Corner and reviewed Don't Kill It? We'll we're doing it again with another action/horror movie in Doom. Now, I know, the last time we did this it didn't go well. Don't Kill It was absolutely terrible, and yes, Doom has the added detriment of being a video game movie, but it does have The Rock in it so maybe this time it'll be better? Maybe? Let's dig in and find out. Spoilers, etc.

First thing to note about Doom is that it's sitting an an impressive...19% on Rotten Tomatoes. Okay, so we're off to a bad start, but that's just critics. What do they know? In a movie like this the audience score is a better indicator and that leaves us at a whopping...35%. Oh, boy. Alright, what about story. What is this movie about? That's a real question, someone please tell me what this movie is about because I have no idea. Best I can tell is there's some outpost on Mars that has monsters in it for reasons and some soldiers have to go up there to make sure they don't get back to Earth even though nothing suggests that they were trying to get to Earth in the first place. Am I wrong in that assumption? I don't think I am.

Ok, what about the cast? It's got Rock "The Dwayne" Johnson from all sorts of thing and Karl Ubran most notably from the Lord of the Rings movies, that has to count for something, right? Well unfortunately this is The Rock from 2005 before he was an entertaining actor, and Karl Urban was...boring. Boring is actually a good word I would use to describe this whole movie. The action is the blandest of bland and the horror is almost nonexistent which should be criminal considering the source material. 

Speaking of the source material, there is this super awkward moment near the end of the movie where they do this first person rail shooter type scene as a kind of homage to the video game, but it looks SO BAD and doesn't fit in the movie AT ALL that it literally caused me to burst out laughing for a solid couple of minutes. 

Are there any redeeming qualities to this movie? Honestly, no. This is a giant turd of both horror and action. Sorry to cut this review so short, but there's literally nothing to say about this movie.

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